In my experience…that being myself, friends, family and colleagues, us mums work tirelessly for our family day in day out.

In addition to the day job there are school runs, packed lunches, homework, reading books, cooking, mum’s taxi to all the various social activities, bathing, bed time routine and numerous ‘put back in beds!’ Not to mention ALL the extras that come along in July and December (I really must remember to book leave from work so I can keep up). By evening time we collapse on the sofa and attempt to stay awake through one episode of The Walking Dead (in my house anyway), rarely giving it 100% attention as also trying to catch up on correspondence. Now be honest, hands up if you respond to messages hours if not days later 🤚🏼


In the fog of motherhood and wifehood us mu….no….girls, ladies, women….the beings we were before we became mums, are often long forgotten. I love being a mum, I always wanted it, I’d never change it. But I envisioned MYSELF WITH children and I have evolved into ALL children no ME. I always put my needs last which means I never get to them. I have lots of things I want to do but never get round to. I have frequent #MumGuilt just going to work never mind going out for pleasure. This leads to frustration and a lack of self-care. Sound familiar???

I do everything I can to be the best mum possible. I think that I could do an even better job if I was a better version of me. If I was doing some of the things I want to do, if I felt healthy on the inside and out, valued myself more and if I was setting an even better example for my children. I think they would appreciate a role model that was fit and active with a positive mental attitude, a goal setter, a go-getter and generally happy and fulfilled in life!


So I have decided now is the time. I plan to set some new intentions for myself. I want to embed new habits that will help me find me again. Each week I will make improvements, something that I wish to change or incorporate into my life to take care of me and improve myself. So, the next few weeks will look like this:

Mind…mindful activities, meditation, relaxation, sleep, journaling..

Body…exercise, movement, beauty regime …

Food…diet overhaul, green juice, ditch the sugar, healthy snacks…

Soul…fun, date night, drinks with friends, massage…

Inspiration…who inspires you to be a better you…

I would love for you to get involved and do the same. All activities are about you, relate to you and are set by you. Tell me what you are doing by commenting, sharing, posting and tweeting your big little wins. Use the hashtag #FabMeFabMum so I know who is with me on this journey.



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